Development Philosophy

81Dojo tries to precisely replicate the genuine scenes of shogi, including subtle manners and traditions, aiming for promoting shogi to the world in the most proper way.
As well, we always make challenges to develop innovative functions adding new values to online shogi, cooperating with universities and researchers worldwide.

Core Developers

Chief Technical Director

Professional programmer at Appirits.
High-dan amateur shogi player.

Tomohide KAWASAKI  (Hidetchi)
Chief Operating Director 

International shogi promoter.
Producer of YouTube Shogi Channel. Shogi book translator.

Madoka KITAO
Promotive Planning Partner

Ladies professional shogi player.
Designer of 3x4Shogi. CEO of NEKOMADO Co., Ltd.

Development Partners

Tomoyuki KANEKO
AI Development Partner

  Associate Professor at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo.
  Developer of GPSShogi.
Bernhard C. März
AI Development Partner

  Author of BCM Shogi.
Jean Fortin
System Development Partner

  PhD in computer science. High-dan amateur shogi player.
  Developer of the position search in games database.