About 81Dojo

Key Features

Post-game analysis like in a real game
In 81Dojo you can analyze the sequence and positions together with other users, just like you do in your games in the real world.
The players and spectators share the same board even after the game, replaying and moving the pieces together. You can also draw arrows on the board or communicate via voice chat.
The features while watching games is very handy. The game list already shows number of moves, popular games, and strategy types. You can even check all the past moves and analyze the situation after entering the room in the middle of the game.
There are useful functions such as searching a position in the database and calculating material balance.
"Study Room" is a special game room where you can load kifu or position from file and analyze it together with other users. It is suitable for holding game commentary and lesson events. Private room is also available, where you can limit the members who can enter.
Various game modes
Many types of handicaps including peculiar ones such as "Dragonfly" and "3-Pawns" are covered, as well as various shogi variants such as "Mini-shogi", "Goro-goro Shogi", and "Kyoto Shogi"
We also have special user interfaces for "Let's Catch the Lion" and "Chu-shogi".
Perfect replication of the genuine form of shogi
The genuine shogi rules are replicated in 81Dojo, such as the game end conditions for Nifu, suicide move, repetition, etc. 27-point declaration system for impasse is also implemented.
As well, manners and traditions are also replicated, such as the superior player's having the "Oushou". Even the sound effects are real, with true piece sound and a professional byoyomi.
Automatic opening recognition and past-recorde statistics
The type of opening played is automatically recognized by the system, which is used for categorizing your playing style in various types such as "Static Rook Player", "All-around Player", etc.
You can also check your improvement and weakpoints with the past game record statistics.

81Dojo Short Tutorial Video (2013 ver.)

Development Philosophy

81Dojo precisely replicates the genuine scenes of shogi, including subtle manners and traditions, aiming for promoting shogi to the world in the most proper way.
We always make challenges to develop innovative functions adding new values to online shogi, cooperating with universities and researchers worldwide.



Tomohide KAWASAKI (Hidetchi)

Director of 81Dojo.
Producer of YouTube Shogi Channel. Shogi book translator.


Professional Technical Adviser.
Professional web system programer. High-class amateur shogi player.

Madoka KITAO

Ladies Professional shogi player.
Designer of 3x4Shogi. CEO of NEKOMADO Co., Ltd.
Development Partners
Tomoyuki KANEKO (AI Development Partner)
Associate Professor at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo.
Developer of GPSShogi.
Bernhard C. März (AI Development Partner)
Author of BCM Shogi.
Jean Fortin (System Development Partner)
PhD in computer science. High-dan amateur shogi player.
Developer of the position search in games database.