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81Dojo is a shogi-exclusive international online game site, which has numerous powerful features that you cannot see anywhere else.
  • ■ Splendid post-game analysis mode The players and spectators share one board even after the game, replaying and analyzing variations with many useful functions.
  • ■ Various handicap rules and variants We support many kinds of handicaps including peculiar ones such as "Dragonfly" and "3-Pawns", as well as various shogi variants such as "Kyoto-shogi", "Let's Catch the Lion", "Mini-shogi", etc.
  • ■ Replicating the genuine form of shogi We promote shogi in the right way. Rules, manners, traditions, graphics, and sound. Everything is like how it should be.
  • ■ Worldwide support The user interface supports 21 languages, allowing many shogi fans around the world to play together. The international shogi promotion by 81Dojo has been officially recognized by the Japan Shogi Association,
Learn more about 81Dojo's major features: About 81Dojo