Terms of Use

Last update on May. 3, 2023

The following Terms of Use summarizes the general policy of 81Dojo. If you have a strong objection to it, please refrain from using 81Dojo, and contact our support team for any questions.
Users who commit the prohibited acts described in this document may receive a ban or penalties without any prior notice. When you have witnessed a prohibited act by other users, on the other hand, please send us the information. (A screenshot of the chat window and information to track down the kifu will be appreciated.)
This document may be revised without prior notice.

1. Account registration

1.1. Please register truthful information to the account
1.2. Such account names as the examples below are prohibited.
1.3. It is allowed to have more than 1 account. However, please try to keep them to be no more than 5 accounts. It is prohibited to create numerous accounts without necessity.

2. Etiquette in chat and game

2.1. The following types of chat are prohibited. These also apply to other communication tools such as the forum.
2.2. 81Dojo strongly recommends the users to make kind greetings when starting and ending the game, and to do post-game analysis. However, this is not mandatory. Please refrain from publicly criticizing or reporting those who have failed to do so, because it is not a violation of rules and terms.
2.3. Such acts as described below are against the game etiquette of 81Dojo, and thus prohibited. Please see also "Shogi Etiquette" for general shogi manners and etiquette at 81Dojo.

3. Unfair playing

3.1. Such way of playing as described below are considered to be unfair playing, and thus prohibited.
3.2. When you play a software-assisted game, please create a special account for it. The account name must be "COM_(any word)".

4. Illegal access and obstruction of business

4.1. It is strongly prohibited to attempt to access the server with any other tools or software than the official apps 81Dojo offers, as well as to interfere with running script. Any such attempt of illegal access will be monitored and met by a strict legal counter action.
4.2. If you intentionally circulate false information to 81Dojo or other parties, obstructiong our business and defaming 81Dojo or its cooperative bodies, a strict legal action may be taken.

5. Right to share kifu and game to the public

5.1. User can claim no rights with respect to the game and kifu played by himself, since it is merely a record of facts that took place in the public.
5.2. All users can freely watch any game and freely access the kifu of the game. Anyone can share (in blog, SNS, online video, etc.) the kifu or game as long as he meets the conditions described in the next clause.
5.3. When sharing a game or kifu played at 81Dojo, please meet the following conditions.

6. Disclaimer

In no event shall 81Dojo and its cooperative bodies be liable to the user for loss of profits or any other consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages arising out of user's use of or accessing 81Dojo.

7. Privacy Policy

By using 81Dojo, you agree to the following privacy policy. For EU users, the user can and should compare this policy with GDPR criteria, but takes full responsibility in making decision whether to agree to the following policy and use 81Dojo.

7.1 Personal information collected by the site
7.2 81Dojo will properly and securely manage the private information collected from users, and will never disclose these to third parties except for the following cases.
7.3 End of use of private information and its deletion