81SU Championships is an international online shogi championships run by 81SquareUniverse.com.
It consists of three major titles and four minor titles.

What's New
  • 2014/1/20:  Goishi took the 2nd Dark Matter. Congratulations!
  • 2013/10/31:  GreenMoverMax took the 6th 81Ou. Congratulations!
  • 2013/10/20:  Goishi took the 3rd ShootingStar. Congratulations!
  • 2012/2/22:  Kupo took the 2nd Supernova. Congratulations!
  • 2012/4/29:  HIKARI took the 1st Renza. Congratulations!

Championship Title
Current Title Holder
81Ou League

GreenMoverMax 6th-term is taken by GreenMoverMax5100.
CosmOu Tournament

HIKARI 3rd-term is taken by HIKARI.
Aeon Saint

GreenMoverMax 2nd-term is taken by GreenMoverMax5100.

Kupo 2nd-term is taken by Kupo.

HIKARI 1st-term is taken by HIKARI.
Shooting Star

Goishi 3rd-term is taken by Goishi.
Dark Matter

Goishi 2nd-term taken by Goishi.
Relay Shogi

1st Champion is Team France!!

  • General Rules and Important Notes

    • Please read and agree to the following, and also the "Rules" page of each championships before you register.
    • Each game will be played at "81Dojo". (http://81dojo.com/)
    • Impasse game is resolved with 27-point Declare System.
    • Schedule arrangement with the opponent and the reporting of the results will be done on Online Tournament Management System.
    • Player may report a win by default if his opponent doesn't show up in 10 minutes after the appointment time. (although keeping waiting or re-arranging the schedule are more appreciated. Your opponent might have miscalculated the time difference.)
    • If your opponent doesn't respond to your schedule arrangement offer for a week, or doesn't seem like he is willing to try to make it, or doesn't seem like he is even going to participate any longer, you may declare a win by default. (The administrator is also allowed to give a win/loss by default in that kind of cases.)
    • Although "post-game discussion" is not a must, make sure you keep acting friendly after the game no matter how badly you've lost. You must at least make kind greetings before you leave after the game, and must not act angrily. Likewise, the winner is requested to refrain from saying things that would hurt the loser's feelings.
    • In "81-Dojo", an illegal move will cause an immediate loss, which are:
      • Two pawns (Double pawn)
      • Piece with no movable square ever
      • Pawn drop mate (Mate with a dropped pawn)
      • Perpetual check
      • Leaving your own king in check